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Anderson Indiana Garage Door Handles Door Springs of All Types

A torsion spring garage door is a popular style. They lie parallel to the top of the garage door frame. They are not stretched longer when the door is closed. Instead, the spring coils twist up tighter as the door closes. Garage Door Repair

When it opens, the stored energy is released, which helps the automatic opener. They have to be installed under tension with the door closed.

This is highly dangerous, so higher professionals such as Anderson Indiana Garage Door to do it.

The other type of spring for garage door opening is a side-mounted spring. These are mounted along the door tracks to either side or become longer and under tension when the door closes. Again, if your home is located in Anderson, Indiana, call us at Anderson Indiana Garage Door for safe, professional installation.

If the old or new spring breaks while installing, it becomes a dangerous slingshot. We have the know-how and safety equipment to handle these springs.

Watch for Warning Signs of a Worn Spring and Call Anderson Indiana Garage Door

How do you know if it is time for garage door spring replacement? If you know the warning signs, you can call Anderson Indiana Garage Door to fix the problem before it causes an accident.

Keeping an eye out may keep your garage door from shooting your eye out. Community Hospital Anderson in Anderson, Indiana, may appreciate the business, but you likely won’t enjoy it. Some signs that it is time for garage door spring repair include the following.

The door stops while opening. The door looks like it is crooked. You can see obvious wear to the spring or even separated coils. The spring may look “stretched out.Satisfaction Guarantee ” If you notice any of these signs, call Anderson Indiana Garage Door right away for a repair call.

Of course, if the spring is clearly snapped after you heard a loud bang, it will be clear you have a broken garage door spring. If this happens, give us a call right away and do not attempt to continuing opening or closing the door. Without the support of the spring, this could destroy your automatic opener motor.

Even if you try to open it manually, you run the risk of the other spring breaking soon after the first. That could result in damage, injury or even death.

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