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Anderson Indiana Garage Door Can Provide Energy Savings with New Doors

You make sure to save money on your Anderson, Indiana, home by choosing good insulation. But have you really sealed every part of your house? What about insulated garage doors? Garage Door Repair If you have not, Anderson Indiana Garage Door can help you choose the right insulation.

We will help you to pick based on door materials, budget, and energy needs. The only place that cannot really be insulated is the hinges.

If you are thinking about getting garage door replacement panels to save money, Anderson Indiana Garage Door can put in brand-new panels.

We can also attach insulation to your existing doors. We will leave holes for your hinges to flex. We offer several insulation options for your residence. These include “batt” insulation, foam boards, and reflective insulation. This last option helps reflect 100 plus degree heat of Anderson, Indiana, in the summer.

Perform Regular Maintenance to Extend the Life of Your Door from Anderson Garage Door

Garage doors have many moving parts. The pieces that receive some of the hardest wear are garage door hinges and rollers.

It is a good thing that, the hinges and rollers will warn you with squeaks and creaks. Satisfaction Guarantee This is a sign that they are wearing out. Anderson Indiana Garage Door can also help make the life of your hinges and rollers longer when you call us to maintain these parts.

Annual maintenance includes using a spray oil on all hinges, rollers and garage door springs. Other steps we’ll perform on your home in Anderson, Indiana, are tightening up screws and bolts as well as inspecting the automatic garage opener. Finally, we can give a full cleaning and lubrication to all moving parts.

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